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Tianjin Leiyunfeng Tech Co.,Ltd (referred to as “LYF”) has a Research and Development Team consisted of a group of 18 people. The team is accounted for 40% of the company’s middle class core members and has reached a perfect combination of the step-aged, experienced and innovative engineers. The team completely explained “team spirit” throughout the R&D processes.

LYF focuses on technological innovation breakthroughs and make great efforts at any cost in human and material resources for the improvement of product quality on details. LYF has always been pursuing the spirit of “centurial persistence of initial ingenuity” throughout material selection, product design and manufacture process just for the quality improvement of complete vending machines and the brand.

Since the company was established 7 years ago, the LYF R&D team has obtained nearly one hundred patents and the certificate of New High-tech Enterprise and the national technology allowance as well. LYF consistently funds on technology research and development with the purpose of maitaining consistant excellent quality and leading technology. Holding such a belief, LYF has developed an unique way of self-dependent innovation.


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